It’s Day 78 of my 78 Day Juice Feast!

Finally it’s day 78 of my juice feast – time to start eating again. If you’ve just come across my blog, I started with a goal to do a 90 day juice feast after doing a 6 day one a few months ago, but I decided to cut it a little short as I’m going on holiday in 3 weeks.  I wanted to give myself time to transition back to some kind of normal eating before I go away and the transition can take a while after not eating for so long!

So, I’m sitting here very slowly eating some soaked prunes – my first solidish meal in 78 days. They taste great, but it’s kind of a weird feeling eating after so long with no food and kind of scary at the same time, as my belly has started grumbling after the first two prunes – slowly does it…..

What I have I achieved by living on juice for 78 days? This is the list of health benefits that I can think of right now that I’ve noticed from my first long juice feast:

  • Weight loss – I’ve lost 11.5 kilos
  • I’ve gone down two sizes in my clothing from a size 16 to a size 12
  • My energy has increased
  • My mood is better
  • I need less sleep
  • I don’t have any fluid retention
  • My irritable bowel is currently not irritable
  • My digestive system has been great
  • I have less aches and pains
  • My thyroid seems to be functioning pretty normally judging by the way I feel
  • My skin, hair and nails are great
  • The remaining fibrocystic lumps that were in my boobs have gone
  • I’ve had no pain in my eyes for weeks (autoimmune thyroid eye disease)
  • The palms of my hands are much less yellow (thyroid)
  • I have no cravings for sweets/carbohydrates
  • There is much less inflammation showing in iris’s when viewed with my iridology torch
  • The edge of my tongue is much less scalloped (dents from my teeth caused by a swollen tongue – thyroid again)
  • Exercise is becoming much more fun again

In general, I feel great, am much more happy in my skin and looking forward to my next juice feast after the New Year.

I want people to know the power of juicing as a healing modality, as well as a weight loss plan and anti aging tool. It’s just so simple and so doable.

When I started this juice feast, I weighed 86.6 kilos. Eighteen years ago, I weighed a massive 30 kilos more than I did at the beginning of this juice feast (when I turned 30 I weighed over 115 kilos).

As I’ve mentioned before, I lost 45 kilos when I was in my early 30’s and I’ve kept off 30 of those kilos ever since. It’s the last 15 kilos or so that went back on when I made the mistake of taking up smoking again 10 years ago and messed up my thyroid again, that I’ve never managed to really get back off again – until now! It’s always been a few kilos  off and then they’d go back on again.

I’m fairly certain that by using juice feasting to clean out the cells in my body, to clean up my colon and rest my digestive system and by really giving my body a chance to repair and heal itself, I can get my thyroid functioning correctly once and for all, get my body to a condition that I’m happy with as well as get my habit of overeating and my food addictions under control also.

I’m absolutely wrapped with the progress that I’ve made on this juice feast and I’m planning to do more of them in 2012 and beyond. I’m still carrying way too much body fat but I’m sure that if I keep my goals in mind  and I continue to borrow from the future (the image that is clearly in my mind), with a few more juice feasts and plenty of exercise I can get myself exactly where I want to be.

This day 78 isn’t the end of anything – it’s only the beginning!

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Sue Woledge is a Mum, Grandma, writer, natural therapist and a keen student of life. She has a passion for learning and implementing new ideas into her life that will help to improve it in some way. Sue also loves to share those ideas with others so that they can also benefit and in some way create better lives for themselves. You can read more about Sue here:

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